My name is Jonathan Wanchalk. In reality, though, you probably searched for me because you already know me; so no need for a sales pitch intro.

This site’s primary function is to serve as a placeholder. If you have a name like mine, there isn’t much reason to *not* own your own domain name. Mike Smith may have a tougher time, but the name Wanchalk is not exactly the most common.

If I know you through work, or even if I don’t, you can find my LinkedIn here.

With that said, it is worth noting that I am not the world’s biggest LinkedIn user, so if you are trying to contact me, please give it a few days.

If you are (for some reason) curious what I am up to, why don’t you call me and ask!

Kidding aside, I am working on several new, exciting projects, after having worked on several. My two biggest current projects are a secret, but I will share them publicly in due time.

If you think that I would find your company and/or website interesting and would like to discuss partnering (to one extent or another), you can check out my friend Jack and I’s company, Coastal Partners. We may not be cheap, but if the opportunity is right, we will help set your company in the right direction.

I hope that I answered everything and that this website made all of your wildest dreams come true 🙂