I got into racing the same way most do, my Dad had always been into it. I went to dirt modified and sprint car races here and there for as long as I can remember. I got tickets to a World of Outlaws sprint car race in around 2005 that sparked a bit of a further interest. In the middle of the summer of 2008, I asked my Dad if he wanted to go to a Baltimore Orioles game; he said he’d rather go to Lincoln Speedway for the race that Saturday night. That was the race that really got me into sprint car racing. I went the next week, and the next week, and the next week.

In February 2009 we went to Volusia Speedway for the open of the sprint car and World of Outlaws season, and that year we went weekly, and usually two and sometimes three times per week. In around June of 2009, I sent an email to Rob Sell, who owned the car that his son Derek drove (410 sprint car). I knew he was a younger driver who just moved up to a 410. We exchanged a few emails, he was willing to work with me, and I did some small-time sponsoring of the car. More importantly, I started to meet a lot of helpful people and, even from the outside, learn more about how the racing world works from the inside.

The car above, to the left, was the first time I ever sponsored a car (2009), and the one to the right was Derek’s car in 2010. These cars were sponsored by companies that I started, one of which I sold ( and one of which that I discontinued (

Derek continued racing through the 2012 season. Derek had several top finishes and a couple near-wins (a few of which I am certain would have been wins with some better luck). Derek ran two races at end of 2013 after Fred Rahmer (see below, he drove the same car) retired. He ultimately did get his first 410 win in that second race…

For the 2013 season, with Derek in college, Rob partnered with Fred Rahmer. I was glad to be able to sponsor this effort with a company that I co-founded and co-own, JM Bullion.

The 2013 season was a huge success. Several wins at multiple tracks, 40+ consecutive top 10 finishes, multiple championships, and a win in the biggest race of the year, the 2013 National Open at Williams Grove, completed an amazing season.

My Racing
I have wanted to race a sprint car for just about as long as I have been going to the races. I always knew it was an incredibly expensive, and time-consuming, sport. You don’t just pick up a race car and go out and do it. With that said, in 2013 I was finally in a position where I could buy my own sprint car, trailer, and start racing.

I was fortunate to be able to purchase my (305 sprint car) from Fred and Brandon Rahmer (who drove the car previously), and participate in a few races at the end of the 2013 season. Most importantly, however, was that I was able to work with Cliff Brian and Doug Feltman, who have helped me (with me being brand new to racing of any form, and extremely inexperienced mechanically), get on the track so quickly.

I got a few laps in towards the end of 2013. I ended 2013 with several practice sessions and a few actual races completed, with my season starting and ending quickly in 2014.

After a blown motor and other part related issues, I took a step back. This may or may not have been the right decision as I miss racing an absolute ton and stopped as soon as I started, plus we were making strong progress each week. As of 2017, I fully aspire to race again, though when, or where, is to be determined.

Side Projects

As closer friends and family know, I have long had an interest in baseball cards and associated areas. Over the years, I have shifted into and passively deal in higher end vintage and some modern cards as well. I have started a side project, named Oakhurst Cards, where I will continue to build out a content heavy site, with the ultimate direction to be determined.